I'm erin and i teach yoga in my home state of alaska. 


I grew up stretching with David Bowie. My friends and i would clear the living room floor, pop The Labyrinth in the VHS player and proceed to do the splits. Katie could do the front splits on both sides and Dana could do the middle splits. I could stack multiple books (think big hardbound encyclopedias) under my left heel and slide into the full front splits. I would watch the entire movie like this but !! I couldn’t even do the splits on the other side (think cause).  


More than 5 years ago I developed the societal scourge that’s running rampant throughout our nation: Non-Specific Low Back Pain (think effect). Like so many people know, it’s demoralizing, it’s exhausting, and as time goes by there’s not a thing left untouched by its insufferable nuisancery.


Through thoughtful proprioception, dynamic movement, and proper body mechanics I have learned that there’s no such thing as non-specific low back pain. Everything is specific and equally important because everything is connected. i adapted new movement patterns and i adopted. as a result i no longer experience pain everyday and i now know how to manage and safeguard not only my lower back, but my entire body.

Not to get into the splits-

but to get into my life.

(think integrated)