yoga nidra


how do you restore, inspire, and invest in your humanness? 

our bodies are brilliant, sensitive, and intuitive and we can experience our vessel through attention to sensation and by sweetly going inward with curiosity.


yoga nidra is a form of meditation that focuses on somatic awareness.

it is the intrinsic art of human experiencing.


in these recordings i will sweetly guide you beneath the skin to the inner landscape of your vessel where you will systematically become aware of and integrate every part of your being. this anchoring of attention creates neural pathways that reconnect the brain and the body and has a profound ability to alleviate stress and anxiety as well as assist in learning, focus, and neuroplasticity. 

not only do you matter, you are matter.

gallery of savasana

all of these shapes have been tested and approved for yoga nidra!

if you don't have yoga props a video for making your own props from scratch can be found here.